Stop Settling®

You are complete. When at work. When at home.
When in your community.
You are the same person in every part of your life.

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What is Stop Settling®?

Although there are many facets to life, each varying and changing, you as a person must go through them all as a whole. To piece-meal yourself and your time between the many sections of life is disrespectful of your aspirations, your happiness, and your health.

Stop Settling is a method, mindset, quiz, and ultimately, a movement. The Stop Settling method helps individuals and organizations identify when and where they're unconsciously settling in the various facets of their life. These five facets are categorized as Career (Work), Generations (Family), Circle (Friends), Society (Community), and Vitality (Wellness). Let's face it, the way you prioritize each of these facets will be situational and relative to each person. And that's okay, they are meant to be. These facets are a way to organize and prioritize what is important to you.

The Birth of Stop Settling

The Stop Settling movement was born of a perfect storm of convergence. After saying yes to someone at the expense of one of my major goals, I realized that I was done settling. I could no longer blame my discontent on external factors. The issue was me. My whole life of believing that I was a corporate person, that I didn't have the "it" factor to become an entrepreneur, that I was meant to be second-in-command, doing the bidding of others regardless of my values. My belief that, even though I had the heart and the passion, I was not good enough to start a business, has to end. I had to dispel the myth that it was irresponsible of me, as a single mother, to venture out on my own. The truth was that I didn't have the courage to go out on my own. The situation I was in was an accumulation of my decisions to compromise my values to feel safe. So, I exited my corporate job and founded my own company, Phoenix5. Now, I have the "it" factor, but in truth, it doesn't really matter anymore. What matters is that I am where I want to be, doing the work I love, and ideally, helping people every day.

Want more? Check out my blog post where I detail the journey and the method in more detail!


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  • jennifer higgins

    "Dana is a fantastic performance coach! She helped me reconfirm my strengths and really focus on how to leverage them as I work to further develop my career. One of the exercises I found most valuable was role-playing. It was a great way for me to practice leveraging my strengths. Dana is a great listener and motivator and I'm so thankful for the mental doors she opened for me!"

    Jennifer Higgins,
    Account Director at ClearEdge Marketing

  • jonathan kestenbaum

    "I knew that the coaching work I've been doing with Dana over the past five months was really working when I started hating her! This is where the growth comes from. My team and executive colleagues have noticed the difference, which fuels my confidence and results."

    Jonathan F. Kestenbaum,
    Executive Director, Talent Tech Labs