Hello, I'm Dana.

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"My role as a coach is to infuse the process with straight talk and take advice out of the realm of ambiguity."

Hello, I'm Dana.

I am committed to educate and elevate the F2000, startups, nonprofits, and individuals alike to create leadership that counts. My products and practices are born from contrarian thinking, pushing the envelope, and a lifelong sense of strong advocacy. This is why I have founded my own consulting and advisory firm, Phoenix5. With 24 years of leading and working on behalf of small, medium, and F500 corporations, as well as non-profits, I have become an expert in the talent ecosystem, including the technologies, and predicting workforce trends. This combined with the energy, passion, and incredible network that I've cultivated along the way has put me in a unique position to consult and advise companies, along with thought leaders, innovators, and evangelists of all kinds, to up the ante towards the way we work and lead the voice of the new talent movement. I am a member of the advisory boards for Reboot Accel, Opolis, Shiftgig, VNDLY, and LNQ Systems.

The Phoenix5 mission is to help leaders of all kinds experience the wildly positive impact of having it all by working holistically.

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I created Phoenix5 to help leaders of all kinds be their all in every part of their life: work, home, and community. Through my program, I ask tough questions that will help realign goals and objectives. The result of this is an actionable and manageable roadmap that will help you to Stop Settling and reach your full potential. If you answer yes to any of the questions below, then you’re ready to Stop Settling.

Do you and your company lack focus and clarity?

Are you fearful about making positive changes in your career or personal life?

Are you plagued with negative self-talk that makes you question your ability to move forward?

Are you unable to stand in your personal power consistently?

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Available Packages


 Strengths Assessment

  • Stop Settling Quiz Results Assessment
  • Identify both individual and team strengths via Strengths Finder© assessment and other tools and toolkits.
  • Decode and provide individualized coaching per results and identified goals

Team, Leadership, and Executive Coaching

  • Executive Coaching as well as one-on-one C-Level Coaching with leadership team assimilation

 Leadership Offsite

  • Conduct an offsite meeting with leadership team or board members to align and put a plan of action together for strategic goals, values, and future projects


 Board Growth and Development

  • Building of Client Advisory Boards
  • Facilitation of Existing Client Boards and Events
  • Offsite Meetings

 Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Preparation for M&A
  • Journey Document Development 
  • Post-Integration People Operations

 GoToMarket & Strategic Accounts

  • GoToMarket Assessment
  • Objective Market Research & Analysis
  • SAM (TAM) Model and Method

 Subscription Services

  • Subscription Services and Freemium Model Development 
  • Build a Robust Wisdom Pyramid that Plays to Company's Strengths and Map Any Gaps 
  • Analysis and Process Improvement for any Services and/or Models Already in Place


 Have Dana Speak

  • Keynotes
  • Roundtables
  • Panels
  • Podcasts
  • Video Interviews

 Fractional Chief People Officer

  • Fractional CPO to assist with sustainable organizational design, coaching, and employee development

 Advisory Board Member

  • Providing actionable and industry-specific insights and connections to help companies achieve their goals

Custom packages available on request